Message from NABC 2018 Co-Chairs

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Dear Friends:

At NABC 2018, we are proud to present to you the “Best of Bengal” – its art, culture, music, theater, movie, and even a taste of authentic Bengali food; experiencing them all right here at the doorstep of Atlantic City, NJ, the casino capital of the East Coast.  Like every year, North American Bengali Conference 2018 will entertain you with the best talents from Bengal - both West and East. Our leaders in various areas are putting together a well thought out program in their individual areas of responsibilities to make the overall repertoire of offerings uniquely enjoyable and memorable. We have challenged our Program Directors to identify your particular taste and determine what you, the NABC attendees and participants, want through a large-scale survey. We sent you a questionnaire through email and social media to learn of your likings more than a year ahead so that we could take your inputs into account as we develop our program to  more than meet your expectations and douse you in an unprecedented cultural experience. More than a thousand responses came through almost immediately; and we thank each of you for your thoughtful inputs. Your responses have guided us to better-plan our programs and logistics – from the category of hotels to the kind of music or even specific artists for this mega-event.

It is our earnest hope that you will be truly excited to attend NABC 2018; and we guarantee that you will leave equally happy after this  3-day-long magnificently cultural rendezvous with Bengali music, art, and culture that is  sure to make you feel the trip was worth your time and money.


Sincerely Yours,


Ashok Rakhit 

Jai Prakash Biswas

Soumen Roy