Theme of NABC 2018 Atlantic City

Throughout the evolution and history of mankind, there is at least one indisputable fact: people moved great distances and resettled in new lands for a variety of reasons. In prehistoric times, Homo sapiens journeyed out of Africa. In more recent times, communities of modern human beings have been on a constant state of movement from one geographical frontier to the other. There were early migrations of Aryans and Mesopotamians followed by so many - Hellenes, Mongols, Huns, Ottomans, Arabs – the list goes on.

Bruised, if not daunted, by the trials and tribulations of resettlement in new lands and environments that ranged from unfamiliar to inhospitable, the migrants would always heal by treasuring and leaning back on the culture they brought with them. In many ways, culture has been and will continue to be the longest, yet the most wonderful, bridge between peoples of same milieu separated by enormous physical distances. This is true for any community including the Bengalis as well. We left behind the land of Ganga, Padma, Sundarban, Bay of Bengal, and the Himalayas, but wherever we moved to we brought with us our indomitable quest and love for Bengali culture. This phenomenon of preserving ones’ own in the backdrop of the larger cultural diffusion of the adopted land brings us back to our theme phrase “Sanskritir Bondhane Aaj Prithibir Dui Pranto,” which can be loosely translated as “Culture  bridges two far away frontiers across the world on this occasion.”

Yes, for us Bengalis based in North America, North American Bengali Conference (NABC) is that bridge! Folks, when you amble along that bridge for the 38th time at NABC 2018, we, the organizers, will walk with you every step of the way to make your experience simply outstanding and more memorable than that of all your previous trysts with it combined. Together, we will douse in a unique synthesis of sights, sounds, palates, and vibes that is viscerally Bengali – something that we imbibed in the beloved land we left behind – from Kolkata to Dhaka, from Bolpur to Shilaidaha, from Agartala to Sylhet.  We will fill your ears with the best Bengali/Indian music there is to be; we will indulge you in flaunting your “Bangaliana” in  chat sessions with celebrities from cinema, fashion, and other walks of life; we will let you  savor Bengali creativities in movies, literature, and dramas; we will help stretch your mind and imagination with an overdose of Bengali thinking and intellect; we will challenge your boundaries with business ideas of tomorrow; we will provide opportunities for our talented young progenies to discover and showcase the Bengali treasures hidden in them; and finally, we will provide forums where you can reconnect with your long lost friends from colleges across Bengal. Wow, so many wonderful things, that too all in less than three days!

Bengalis of North America – listen up! Yes, NABC  is probably the longest cultural bridge that you get to stroll on every year, but “NABC 2018” promises to be “the loveliest Bong Connection” thus far that will quench your insatiable cultural wanderlust in every whichever way you could imagine.