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302, 304, 203 Bengal Jewellery Jewellery INDIA
325 ERA Jewels Jewellery USA
405 Gehna Inc. Jewellery USA
211, 213, 215, 217 P.C. Chandra Jewellers Jewellery INDIA
317 Ambuja Neotia Real Estate INDIA
303 Siddha Group Real Estate INDIA
221 Aar N Creations Garments USA
407 Adi Akshay Garments INDIA
522 Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal Garments INDIA
416 Adi Readymade Garments INDIA
322 Bo Boutique Garments USA
420 Classic Boutique Garments INDIA
225 CM Collections Garments USA
310 Via Sarbani & Manas Ghorai Garments USA
406 Darzee Garments INDIA
514 Keya Seth Garments INDIA
320 Khadi Garments INDIA
306 Mohini Group Garments USA
316 Mohua Collections Garments USA
424 Mou Prints Garments INDIA
311 Rajashree Collection Garments CANADA
411 Roop Rongin Garments USA
315 Rupali Sari Garments INDIA
421 Samaroho Boutique Garments INDIA
422 Scorpion Garments USA
506 Shumona presents Garments USA
510 Syeda Collections Garments USA
321 Syuta Garments USA
410 Vastra Kuttimm Garments INDIA
305, 307 Vikhyat USA Inc. Garments USA
413, 415 Aaj Kal News Media INDIA
404 Saragama Radio Audio Media USA
323 ZeeTV TV Media USA
324 ZeeTV TV Media USA
312 LYK Marketing Services USA
425, 423 ABP Wedding Matrimonial Services INDIA
524 AMRI Medical Services INDIA
520 Ananda Mandir Services USA
412 Ansari Services INDIA
414 Ansari Services INDIA
402 Bevel Trading & Marketing Trading & Marketing INDIA
502, 504 Muktadhara Books & CDs USA
403 NY Life Insurance USA
314 Calcutta Rescue Nonprofit INDIA
223 Kallol of New Jersey Nonprofit USA
313 NABC 2019 Nonprofit USA
512 Rotary Club Of Kolkata Nonprofit INDIA
205, 207 SRF Nonprofit INDIA


The following terms and conditions apply for merchant stall rentals at the 38th North American Bengali Conference also known as Banga Sammelan (hereafter referred to as the conference) between the merchant (hereafter referred to as vendor) and North American Bengali Conference 2018 Steering Committee ( hereafter referred to as organizer). The conference will be held on June 29, 30 and July 1, 2018 at the Atlantic City Convention Center (hereafter referred to as ACCC).

  1. All applicable federal, state and local laws must be abided by the vendor during the conference. In addition, all requirements and rules of the ACCC authority governing the use of ACCC facilities are to be followed without any exception.

  2. Should the Vendor require additional facilities, equipment or utilities, such as data lines or phone lines, additional furniture, additional lighting, items transfer and handling etc, the Vendor shall be paid directly to ACCC for such facilities/utilities at a rate based on the ACCC Authority’s rate schedule for such services. Please contact Jeff Dye, Director of National Sales

3089 English Creek Avenue

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

Office: (609) 272-1600

Cell: (609) 226-2994

Fax: (609) 272-1680


  1. The vendor shall arrange at their cost all insurance coverage for damage, theft or any kind of loss of merchandise and any accidental injury caused to themselves or to any third party within the ACCC premises. The vendor must indemnify the organizer for any claim and /or liability associated with them, their stall or activity.

  2. The Vendors from foreign countries must arrange United States Entry Visa on their own.

  3. NJ Sales Tax - Garments and books - exempted from NJ sales tax. Jewelery including costume Jewelery are taxable. All Jewelery should have agent in USA to handle taxes. So all jewelry vendors must have NJ sales tax certificate.